Succession Management

Posted by Annett Winiarz

Jan 16, 2015 9:40:00 AM

succession_planningSuccession management is a process that helps you identifying, deveolp, and direct high-potential employees to fill key leadership roles in critical job openings. Succession management tracks the development of internal people who have the potential to fill key business leadership positions within the company. Succession management also increases the availability of experienced and capable employees, that are already prepared to assume those vacant roles, as soon as they become available. 

Through the use of our TED's Succession Management software solutions, you can anticipate the inevitable gaps when employees leave or retire, and pre-select the leadership needed for expansion.

Integration Awesomeness by making it possible to fold in existing related competencies, learning, and performance. Succession Management employs a comprehensive approach to keep your organization focused on its larger objectives over time.

Identify – Develop – Direct – and Build the Next Generation!

Succession Management

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