Recruiting Efforts and the Importance of Employee Branding

Posted by April Parks, M.S. Conflict Management

Aug 4, 2015 11:00:00 AM

employer-brandingCompetition for new, outstanding hires is fierce in the current market. Job seekers are looking for a specific work environment, the best benefits, and a competitive salary. That’s why employee branding is such an important part of recruiting and talent acquisition. The employee brand is the first thing that prospective employees see or hear about your company. First impressions weigh heavily on people’s feelings, which become a main factor into their decision-making. 

Employee branding is very important for this particular reason not only to attract high achieving and successful new talent, but also to keep high performers from seeking employment elsewhere. When current employees enjoy their work environment and the benefits they receive, they’re more likely to continue their work with the company. Be sure to keep your perks competitive and offer challenging opportunities for professional development, while also creating and nourishing a positive cultural experience.

Employers need to make a brand that outshines the rest so that employees are excited about their work and exemplify this not only to other employees, but outside of the office as well. Employees are your brand ambassadors. They are your best example at showing potential new hires how awesome it is to work for your company.  

In order to achieve that level of excited employee branding, first, make them want you! You must decide what type of employee you want to attract and then cater your perks, work environment, and salary accordingly. The economy is intense at the moment so every dollar counts. Tailoring your brand to the specific group of people the company wants and needs is a great way to get the best ROI from new hires. When you have solidified the type of person and the brand, then you’ll know exactly where to use what resources in order to attract the right people to help grow the business.  

Something companies neglect to do when changing or enhancing their brand is to get input and feedback from current employees. One of the best ways to do this is to create a culture team composed of your top employees who exhibit the qualities you want to see after the cultural change. This group will become your culture ambassadors on the inside as well as the outside. You’re employees have to believe in the brand and it’s leadership in order for it to succeed.

Once the company has clearly created and implemented the employee brand, it will become clear who fits and who doesn’t. Remember, the employees are the ones that continue and move the brand forward so you’ll want to continue to get input from your culture team to ensure the company is headed in the right direction. When current employees emit their feeling of elation for the brand, others in their network will want to work there. Happy employees are more productive and make recruiting easier, which then improves the bottom line!

Good Employee branding + Happy employees = Successful company 

Make you employee brand a priority and your company will be able to recruit the talent they want most on the team. When the cost to recruite can be so expensive, why not spend less and create a brand that makes people come to you? With a brand that makes current employees happy to be at work and perspective hires want to be part of the team, the company’s reputation will be positively impacted and will continue to recruit talented new hires. When people hear good things about something, they are more likely to try it out. Ensure that your brand is top notch so job seekers will be knocking on your door when it comes time to hire!

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