New Hire Checklist: What Should be Included?

Posted by April Parks, M.S. Conflict Management

Dec 17, 2014 2:19:00 PM

New Hire ListDid you know that employers estimate that the cost of hiring the wrong person costs between $25,000-$50,000? According to 2,700 surveyed employers, one fourth of respondents said the cost was $50,000 or more for bad hires. That’s a lot of money to be spending on a bad fit!

Fortunately, there are precautions you can take to at least ensure a better fit with the company, its culture, and the team already there.

First, when hiring a new employee think about the present and the future. The person could be a great fit for now, but will their drive to succeed, their willingness to contribute, and their dedication to the job be fitting for the future of the company? It is preferable to have employees that want long-term positions. That way your company isn’t losing $25,000-$50,000 on a regular basis. So through the interview and looking at length of previous employments, get a feel for their dedication to the position and the company. You want someone who wants to stick around and grow with the company.

Next, think of the individual’s abilities to complete not only the less grueling tasks, but also the challenging projects; you want to hire someone who is capable. You want someone that is willing to go the extra mile! Those are the people that will be dedicated to your company and want to see it prosper. Going with the aforementioned, it is the person who will be there long term and ready to pitch in anytime.

Pick someone who is compatible with the whole team. You don’t want someone coming in and messing up a good vibe. You want the person who is on board with the team’s current efforts and who is ready to dive in right away! While it might take a bit of training and adjustment to a new setting, a person’s willingness to start learning and pitch in at the start is a big perk for companies when hiring. Working together to achieve goals puts your company ahead of others that don’t have a good working team atmosphere.

Lastly, choose someone who is respectable and has similar values, standards and morals as the manager, the company and the team. It is important to have a diverse group of people working together to discuss different ideas of creativity and innovation and when you align values, standards and morals, then respect for one another will follow.

The next time you are looking to hire a new employee keep these in mind. Your list will probably include other criteria related to competencies, experience and education, but these tidbits should be on everyone’s new hire checklist. If you want the best for your company’s success, you must hire an all around good fit, not just someone with the degree. They have to be the person ready to learn and grow professionally and always seek to be better than they were yesterday. That is what will give you the best employee and ultimate success!

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