Managing Your Workforce Competencies: TEDS Talent Management

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Oct 14, 2013 1:54:00 PM

Jill is a fantastic nurse in pediatrics and can speak French, Spanish, and English. Robbie scored the highest among his peers when working with intellectually and physically handicapped patients, while Abby has little experience in that area of healthcare, but has several state certifications. Marvin is highly proficient in orthopedics and has the ability to train his colleagues. So how can a hospital manage all of this information so when internal job openings arise, they can pinpoint all potential candidates easily?

TEDS Inc., provides several modules that help with these sorts of issues. For this situation, Competency and Compliance Management and the integration of Performance Management would suit this instance perfectly. With TEDS RTC (Roles, Tasks, Competencies) Power, hospitals can better manage their workforce competencies and certifications; they can keep track of each individual’s particular job skills; and track their proficiencies with self-assessments and 360-degree feedback evaluations.

With this technology, hospital administrators can see all employees and their skills and skill levels in one database. Instead of searching through a cumbersome database, they can easily find candidates for critical jobs.

For example, a position has just opened in pediatrics. They need a strong candidate with 4-6 years of experience, knowledge of handicapped care, bilingual in Spanish and English, and the ability to use sign language. Those are a lot of different skills that are very specific. Without the TEDS talent management software, internally finding a candidate that fits all of the aforementioned criteria would be difficult and cumbersome. Since the hospital recently implemented the module for competencies and compliance though, they are able to search the database of ALL employees to see who fits the best in a matter of seconds.

This process saves hospitals time and money in the recruitment process. If they can pinpoint the skills that they need for a certain position, then they can search for that criterion easily to determine their best candidates.

So instead of asking Jill, Robbie, Abby, and Marvin if they know anyone with these qualifications, they can turn to the software. This allows employees and administrators to keep doing what they do, instead of wasting valuable time needlessly sorting through mounds of info!

Not only can the software pick out all of those attributes, but it also provides employers with employee assessments and tracks their competencies as they change or gain more.

“TEDS RTC Power gives you the capability to close corporate gaps by closing employee gaps leading to a highly efficient organization with the best patient care.”

What organization doesn’t want to be more efficient and profitable? Maybe the kid from the Capital One cash back rewards commercial doesn’t want more money, but most others would agree with Jimmy Fallon that more cash is better than less. (

Using the TEDS talent management software can help make that happen for your organization, whether it is a hospital or a corporation! Visit our website at to learn about our other modules and like TEDS Inc. on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!!

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