Learning Management ~ Part 1 of 3

Posted by Annett Winiarz

Jan 19, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Learn. Change. Grow!

Learn Change Grow

TEDS Learning Management Solution is designed to boost your employees’ development by providing learners with flexible, easy to use learning and training tools. Whether your learners are at multiple sites or in different countries, on the job or on their own, TEDS empowers your employees through self-management of individual training and personal development.

Respond to Regulations and Change

In the instance that new classes or certifications are required of employees because of a federal mandate, new management, etc., administrators and managers can deploy classes/certification courses to employees quickly. To ensure all employees are up to date on requirements for their job, administrators simply choose the group that needs to acquire a specific skill and the assignments are sent to the user's personal dashboard for completion. 

Manager Features

  • Access learning events
  • Review employees' available and assigned courses and curriculums
  • Register employees for, withdraw from, and switch learning sessions
  • Enrollment approval
  • Manage Tuition Aid
  • Run embedded reports 

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Learning Management

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