Employee Branding: The Top Six Things Employees Want in a Job

Posted by April Parks, M.S. Conflict Management

Sep 1, 2015 11:00:00 AM

Employee BrandingWhen people begin their search for a job, what things are they looking for in an employer? They want a job they are interested in and something that pays well. They want a job that offers good benefits like insurance and time off, but what do employees want most when they are on the hunt for a new employment opportunity? Thats where employee branding come in!

Here are the top six things employees are looking for in a potential workplace:

  • Learning opportunities: Employees want to have access to learning more about the field they are in and be able to grow professionally. Giving employees the chance to increase their knowledge and hone their skills will enhance their capabilities, which in turn, will be beneficial to the bottom line of the company.
  • Recognition: People everywhere want recognition for the things they do, not just in the workplace. It’s important to give credit where it is due and praise employees for their efforts. Showing employees that you see their dedication to the company and that they are working hard for you will increase their morale. They will appreciate the recognition and continue to be diligent and hard-working.
  • Innovation: Even employees with smaller, less complicated job descriptions can have really great ideas. Include everyone in innovative thinking and make sure all voices are heard. Employees want the ability to express their thoughts and ideas to help the company grow!
  • Flexibility: It’s important that the company be flexible. Employees have lives outside of work and when things come up, they should have the ability to work out a plan that pleases both parties. Be flexible and employees will be happy.
  • Autonomy: Let employees work how they want. People function best in different ways so don’t hinder a person from working the way they know best.

All these tips are great things to incorporate into your company. They’re simple, but can be quite effective. These attributes can be illustrated through your company brand as well.

First, the company should promote self-discovery. What is unique to each employee? Integrate this with employee autonomy and give your employees the chance to focus on their personal attributes that help to strengthen the company. When you let them be their true self, it’ll lead to higher productivity and lower turnover. Their performance will be better and employee engagement will increase. This will show potential hires that the company cares about them. It cares about their ideas and respects their way of working.           

Helping your employees unearth their greatest strengths and integrate them into everything

they do is essential to your success and the success of your team.”

Once employees discover their personal brand, companies should connect that to the corporate brand. Add their knowledge and skills so it will enhance the team’s efforts and will enable the company to achieve more success. When the two brands are integrated, that’s when productivity will be greatest.

When employees’ personal brands are integrated into the company brand, employees will become brand ambassadors for the organization. People are your biggest asset. When they feel engaged and connected to the company, they’ll be more committed and will be able to advertise to potential employees the best parts of working for your company. All combined, the company will experience growth, it will have a community of respect, and it will harvest an environment of trust. These are the things that employees want most from their workplace.

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