5 Ways Talent Acquisition Helps Your Recruiting Strategy

Posted by April Parks, M.S. Conflict Management

Jun 16, 2015 11:00:00 AM

wrong-personWith companies battling it out to hire the best talent, it is no wonder they put lots of effort into the search for the best. The recruiting and hiring process can be quite a hassle and may require lots of time and energy to complete the task.

Now, with the emergence and the growth of talent management software, companies needn't worry as much because they have access to an easy to use software that aligns business goals with recruiting practices. An integrated Talent acquisition module makes the recruiting strategy less painful and much more efficient. With a common language between talent management software and the talent acquisition module, companies can rest assured knowing they are hiring the best people for their company!

Here are five reasons talent acquisition helps you to hire the best:

  1. Using talent acquisition in congruence with an entire talent management software allows for a common language between modules. This prevents duplication of potential candidates and makes filtering applicants down to the very best much easier and less time consuming. All in all, it's less work for the hiring party.
  2. Talent acquisition can identify qualified candidates within the company through talent profiles and ties with succession and workforce management. Talent acquisition also notifies potential hires of newly open positions, to both internal and external canidates.
  3. Talent acquisition prevents the best candidates from falling through the cracks with applicant tracking. Keep track of all potential hires using an applicant tracking database. With this, managers can see all applications in one place, which have already been filtered by preset qualifications needed to complete the job successfully. From there, managers are able to see what candidates are qualified and schedule interviews, make offers, reject candiates, etc. 
  4. Talent acquisition makes on boarding easy. All forms needed for the new hire are in one spot and are easy to access. Because this wealth of knowledge and information is so easily accessible, new hires get a good first impression of the efficiency of their new employer.
  5. Most importantly, talent acquisition aligns business goals with strategy. Talent acquisition is linked to all of TEDS Talent Management Modules. Once the new hire is in position and ready to begin working, they can examine expectations, determine the tools to complete the tasks at hand and execute the plan according to business goals. 

Instead of sorting through lots of paper work and filtering through applications manually, switch to an easier recruiting strategy with the help of talent acquisition. Your company will be able to hire the best and smartest candidates hassle free and more efficiently. It's far less time consuming and causes less headaches. Think smarter, not harder!!

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